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How to keep head warm also fashion style in the cold winter days

2017-12-11 15:25:42

1. baseball cap

Baseball cap is always most popular not only for common people,but also for super star, famous people. The reason why the baseball cap is so popular is because they are unisex style, all size fits all, very convenient to wear. In winter, to wear a baseball cap can help you to escape from the cold wind.

2. Winter beanie

Winter beanie is most popular to wear in cold winter season, for man or women, kids or adults. Caz they are really keep head so warm also can have a good fashion style for people. When wearing beanie in winter days, boys look handsome and vigour, girls look gentle and fashion.

3. Berets hat

Berets hat is designed for women. When women wearing berets hat in winter, it seems this woman has much fashion feeling, she looks so elegant and British style or even cute. 

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